Construction of the Tesla antenna Radiona


• The main receiver coil (L1) serves as a receiver for electromagnetic energy which converts into high-frequency radiation into a high-frequency electric field. The electromagnetic energy has thus been converted into electricity.

• The coils L2 and L3 are low-pass filters that only low-frequency electrical signals and block out can pass it filters out high-frequency signals. So we prevent the brass ball (air condenser) from becoming an antenna. The electric field is canceled or neutralized with the switched connection at the outputs of the coils L2 and L3.

• The air condenser (C1) consists of a metal ball attached to the metal bar. C1 serves as energy storage. The electric field collects on the surface of the metal sphere. The C1 is also used to power the MWO antenna. The MWO antenna begins to oscillate (swing) when the C1 is charged. The metal ball of the C1 is critical to the functionality of this device because the metallic ball-head collects electrical fields from the environment. The ball-head is the most effective geometry in this context.

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Air capacitor
Electrical schematics
MWO antenna and capacitor
MWO antenna

Tesla Antenne Radiona

Product Info

  • The Tesla Radiona antenna, which currently provides the greatest protection.
    It can be produced in different sizes, eg.B. 10cm for desks, 20cm for children or 30cm diameter.
    Different colors are possible as well