Development of the Tesla antenna Radiona


About a year ago the Trier entrepreneur and developer Christian Haag began with the idea to construct a protective antenna for bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, study rooms and a lot more. What was on the market at the time did not impress him because some online vendors promised people shielding whole houses with a Frisby disk-like bowl.

Some of them even promised connections to some light networks that would provide regular "updates".

Christian Haag, who originally studied in the alternative medicine field sat down with a good friend in their practice to discuss and it led to very exciting studies and opportunities to try something completely new.

The doctor in Trier has already accompanied a project developed by Haag many years ago with words and deeds. For every little detail concerning the project, Haag kept in close contact with the doctor until finally, a prototype was on the table. The new Tesla antenna Radiona. During this "construction period" two good friends from Bavaria worked in parallel on this project, who were also able to contribute their expertise from decades of experience.

Tesla Antenne Radiona

Product Info

  • The Tesla Radiona antenna, which currently provides the greatest protection.
    It can be produced in different sizes, eg.B. 10cm for desks, 20cm for children or 30cm diameter.
    Different colors are possible as well