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A Short History of electromagnetic radiation

The invisible danger of electromagnetic radiation exposure is more present today than ever before. Electrosmog sends its regards. In the 19th century, humans began using electricity for technical purposes for the first time. The first applications were telegraphy and electroplating. Electricity is used in everyday life to operate numerous technical devices and is an integral part of our world. Not only high-voltage and radio masts generate electrical radiation in their environment but also many devices we use in everyday life such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, DECT phones, induction cookers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, electric water heaters, floor heating, radiators or electric blankets generate verifiable low-frequency electric and magnetic fields. Even waterbeds generate low-frequency magnetic fields through integrated heaters. Even such harmless devices as the clock radio generate electromagnetic radiation. The constant use of this radiation cocktail has harmful effects on humans. The modern man lives dangerously, because many studies prove mutual correlations between electromagnetic fields and certain illnesses with humans which are in immediate contact with these radiations. Possible health consequences include: headaches, back pain, nervous stomach problems, sleep disorders, depression, allergies, hormonal imbalances, difficulties concentrating, cardiac dysfunction, vision problems and in the worst-case genetic damage, leukemia, and cancer. An increased risk exists especially for pregnant woman and unborn children. The effect of electromagnetic radiation is so real that even laws have been passed to protect people from it. For example, the Twenty-sixth Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act.

How can I protect myself against harmful radiation (EMF)?

To effectively reduce radiation exposure to the household or office. Only electrical equipment with an IGEF seal should be purchased. Only low-radiation electrical or electronic devices receive the IGEF Certification Seal certification. Another simple measure is the preferential use of wired devices instead of radio-enabled devices (such as Bluetooth devices). If you reject this measure as antediluvian then at least try to avoid the standby mode of your devices. Turn them off when not in use or even better would be to disconnect them from the power source. Not only do electrical appliances eat a lot of electricity while they are not in use but plugged in, they also produce harmful electrosmog. Avoid placing the equipment listed below in the bedroom: televisions, smartphones, tablets, clock radios, reading lights with halogen or energy-saving bulbs, heated water beds, electric blankets, and baby monitors. All these devices radiate intensely and have no place in the bedroom. If this is not feasible for whatever reason, then you should provide effective EMF protection in your home. Various products are on the market. EMF blockers, cell phone shields, laptop pads, CHI power plugs, orgonite miniature shields, shielding films, etc. provide more or less good EMF protection, but the best comes last. Because there is still the Tesla antenna.

What is a Tesla antenna?

Tesla antennas are de-energized maintenance-free suppression devices that protect against all types of electrosmog and geopathological stress in the home or office. For the Tesla antenna to fully develop its protective function the placement is crucial. We recommend our antenna especially in the bedrooms and in the living room, but of course also near your Wi-Fi. And just right for the G5 network auction, a new development in the field of radiation protection came on the market: the Tesla antenna Radiona. This innovative antenna also offers protection against the new enemy, the G5 radiation and is therefore currently the most effective protection against harmful radiation effects.

Conclusion: Suppressors such as the Tesla antenna Radiona are undoubtedly the ultimate protection against radiation exposure. The biological effects of electromagnetic fields on humans have been scientifically proven. But many consumers are unaware of the invisible danger emanating from the radiation that constantly surrounds us. In particular, people suffering from unexplained burnout symptoms, sleep disorders, fatigue, declining concentration, cardiovascular problems, etc. should try at least once a Tesla antenna. If after that the symptoms disappear you have done everything right. If the symptoms do not improve, it is at least unlikely that electromagnetic radiation was the cause of the complaints.

Tesla Antenne Radiona

Product Info

  • The Tesla Radiona antenna, which currently provides the greatest protection.
    It can be produced in different sizes, eg.B. 10cm for desks, 20cm for children or 30cm diameter.
    Different colors are possible as well